Project: USB Drivers

The USB Drivers project is aimed on enhancing and producing new USB drivers for OS/2 and Ecomstation.
The current focus is on USB joystick support and the Ring3 interface driver USBRES.SYS. together with the USBCALLS DLL which provieds a C and REXX interface for applications to USB.

In the queue are:

  • Enhancing the IBM USB storage driver to handle vendor spec. devices.
  • Support for PCMCIA USB hostcontrolers,
  • Enhancing the IBM USB Ethernet driver.
  • A general HID devices Interface.

So far there are no drivers for download available. But the sourcecode provides a relatively easy way to add USB support to your applications. An example is available in GPhoto for OS/2 which is using the library functions for USB support on OS/2.

If you want to get the source code you can do that with CVS.

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